More than just a pretty face, effective eCommerce design can drive higher engagement, conversion and average order value.

As you get ready to bid farewell to 2016, start the New Year strong with a design strategy that not only showcases your brand but also gets results for your business.

Join the digital experience experts at LYONSCG for this live webinar as they guide you through key considerations for developing an eCommerce design roadmap, including: 

Strategies and tips for optimizing conversion and engagement
wr-xdicon2.jpg   Understanding the key elements of a design roadmap—trends and topics to consider


  Critical roadmap questions— influencing factors and dependencies
wr-xdicon4.jpg   How to prioritize opportunities across level-of-effort, budget and resources
wr-xdicon5.jpg   Tools and templates to guide the process
Mike Davidson
Executive Creative Director

As the Executive Creative Director of LYONSCG, Mike leads teams of technologists and designers to deliver ecommerce websites for brands across the globe. He frequently speaks on the future of digital experiences, contemporary interactions and emerging technologies.

Matt Glaze
UX Director

Matt Glaze is the UX director on the Experience Design team at LYONSCG. As experience architect team lead, Matt creates world-class customer-focused eCommerce websites by promoting user experience best practices. He has over 16 years of experience in UX strategy and design for eCommerce and online business solutions.

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